Rent A Center Corporate Office address & Email


Rent a Center Corporate Office: Rent-A-Center Corporate Company is Furniture and Electronic based company. Rent-A-Center is a good choice if you want to buy good finishing furniture. Here we explained all the details about Rent-A-Center Company like Contact Number, Email id, Address and Website Etc.

Rent A Center Corporate Office address
Rent A Center Corporate Office address

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About Rent a Center corporate office:

Rent-A-Center RAC is short of this company. It is an American public company. It’s based on furniture and electronics. The company was founded in 1973 by Thomas Devlin and W.Frank Barton. The company is located in Plano, Texas. Rent-A-Company offered many choices like Television, Computer, Household appliances, and all other electronic products he gave in the rental. You pay instalment options if you want to buy a home product. Customers return a thing for any reason when you receive your money immediately. 

Rent A Center Corporate Office address 

Here they serve all the products at a low-cost price. In 1995 the company became public and gained more profit, and this company acquired all other companies, like Rent-way, Rainbow rentals, and Thorn Americans. The company traded under the ticker symbol of NASDAQ. There are 14,500 workers are work in Rent-A-Company. In July 2015, the company sold many locations to Easy Home Financial for $ 3.4 million. Rent-A-Center corporate company planned the expanded this company in Mexico.

Income Details of Rent-A-Center corporate office:

  • The Total revenue: In 2019, $2.6 billion
  • The Operating income: In 2019, $193 million
  • The Net income: In 2019, $125 million
  • The Total Assets: In 2019, $ 1.58 billion
  • The Total Equity: In 2019, $ 459 million

Rent-A-Center Corporate Office Address Details:

Rent-A-Center, Inc.
5501 Headquarter Drive
Plano, Texas 75024
Phone Number: (972) 801-1100
Fax Number: (866) 260-1424

Rent A Center Corporate Office location:

In Other Branch Address Details:


Long Point Rd, 
Houston, TX 77055, 
United States


890 S Hamilton Rd, 
Columbus, OH 43213, 
United States

How many Rent-A-Center stores are in the US:

There are 460 Rent-A-Center stores in the United States in the Franchising segment. The company headquarters is located in Plano, Texas. You need some information about this company, and you will visit the website page

What is rent-a-center e-commerce:

Rent-a-Company ecommerce gives you a solution for you. Consumer where they choose store to shop. Here we send good quality products to your home quickly. 


Finally, you will get all the details about Rent-A-Center corporate office company hope this information is helpful to find all the details here. You have queries about this rent–a–centre company, and here we mentioned above all the details.


1. Who is the CEO of Rent-A-Center Company? 

Ans: The Rent-A-Center CEO of the Company is Mitchell E Fadel. 

2. Why do people go to Rent-a-center?

Ans: Customers visit Rent-a-center Company because of many reasons. Some people buy an item of good quality furniture.

Other people to visit to replace their products like Television, Grinder, Fridge, etc. Here all the service will be good.

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