How to Change Address on Amazon (Billing & Shipping)? - Simple Steps


How to Change Address on Amazon: We all use the most famous shopping application, Amazon. With just one click, you will receive the things in your home. It is possible with the correct address details & contact number. Sometimes, you face difficulty while changing your address on Amazon. If yes, then don't worry! Changing your address on Amazon is a simple process. In this article, you will learn simple & easy steps to change your billing address & shipping address on the Amazon website. 

Why might you need to change your address on Amazon?

It is essential to keep your address information up to date on Amazon to ensure that your orders are delivered or billed correctly. In some cases, changing your address on Amazon is necessary for tax purposes and order fulfillment accuracy. Here are some of the instances where users might need to update their address on Amazon,

How to Change Address on Amazon
How to Change Address on Amazon

Moving house - If you move house, then updating your address with Amazon is necessary so that any orders or returns can be sent out successfully.
Different mailing addresses - If you want deliveries sent out to a different mailing address than where you live (e.g., work or friend's address), then this must be saved into Amazon before it will let you choose it as a shipping choice.
Credit Card Updates - Updating and saving new credit cards/billing addresses on Amazon allows customers more freedom when they shop regarding their destination country and card details upon checkout.
Payment Confirmation - Sometimes, when confirming payment on an order through PayPal Express Checkout, Amazon may require users to enter their updated home/residential address details again before allowing them onto the Order Information page.

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How to Change Address on Amazon? – Simple Steps

Changing your address on Amazon is a quick and straightforward process, whether you are a new customer needing to enter an address or an existing customer needing to update a current address. Follow these simple steps to ensure you have the correct address on file with Amazon.

  • Log in to your Amazon Account and click on the "Accounts & Lists" tab at the top of the page.
  • Next, select "Address Book" from the dropdown menu and then select "Edit" for your current or preferred address.
  • In this step, you will be prompted to enter your zip code first and then have the option to add, select or edit an existing address in your list.
  • Once you have selected or added an address, hit "Save & Continue" at the bottom of the page.
  • Finally, check back at the Account & Lists tab to ensure that all changes have been saved successfully and that your new address is reflected correctly when ordering from Amazon moving forward.

How to Change the Billing Address on Amazon - Simple Steps?

The Amazon website and app allow customers to update their billing address whenever necessary. It is essential to ensure that the billing address used for purchases matches the billing address on record with your Credit Card Company or bank, so follow the steps below to ensure that you are using your correct information with Amazon.

  • Log into your Amazon account at
  • On the top right of your screen, click "Accounts & Lists" and select "Your Account."
  • Select "Payment options" from the menu on the left side of the page, select "Payment options," and then click "Manage payment options."
Change Billing Address on Amazon
Change Billing Address on Amazon
  • Select "Edit" next to the address you want to change and enter your new information. 
  • Double-check that all fields are filled in correctly before clicking "Save Changes."
  • Repeat these steps for any other addresses associated with your account if needed.
  • When you're finished, make sure that you check out with Amazon using this new updated address as your billing information whenever you make a purchase in the future for your purchase to be successful and secure on their platform.
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How to Change the Shipping Address on Amazon?

Amazon makes changing a shipping address an easy process. All you need to do is log in to your Amazon account, select 'Your Account' from the dropdown menu, click 'Addresses' and then select 'Change' for each address you'd like to update. You can add as many shipping addresses as you would like and mark them as business/personal or public/private. To change your default shipping address:

  • From the 'My Account' page, click 'Addresses' from the list of options on the left-hand side.
How to Change Shipping Address on Amazon
How to Change Shipping Address on Amazon
  • Select the 'Edit' option for whichever address you'd like to be your primary one.
  • Check or uncheck the box next to 'Make this my default shipping address,' depending on whether you want it to be your new primary address.
  • Click 'Save Changes' when finished, and your new default shipping address will appear whenever checkout is initiated on Amazon sites worldwide.

Amazon Headquarters Location:

How to Change the shipping address on Amazon after ordering?

Sometimes, you may need to change the shipping address after placing an order on Amazon. Luckily, most orders can be modified and updated without any problems. Here are the simple steps to change the shipping address after purchase on Amazon:

  • Sign into your Amazon account using your credentials.
  • Go to Your Orders page from the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the page.
  • Find the order you need to change the shipping address and click on the "Change Shipping Address" option under that order.
How to change shipping address on Amazon after order
How to change shipping address on Amazon after order
  • A window will appear if this function is available for that order.
  • You can select a new shipping address or add one from there by clicking 'Add Address.' 
  • Fill out all necessary billing information on this page and click 'Save.' 
  • Note that if the change is not allowed in your order, these options won't be available here as well, as it depends on each case as defined by Amazon's policy. 
  • If allowed and saved correctly, you should also get a notification confirming this modification has been successful.
  • Finally, once completed correctly, Amazon will update your order with the new delivery address you edited. 


In Conclusion, Changing addresses on Amazon is simple. Following the steps outlined in this article, you can update your address quickly and easily. Ensure that the new address is entered correctly before you submit it. Once submitted, you should receive an email confirming the change has been made, and your delivery information will reflect this change too. 


1. Can I update my shipping and payment addresses? 

Ans: You can easily change shipping and payment addresses using the Amazon website or app.

2. How do I change my shipping address? 

Ans: Log in to your account on the Amazon website or app and select Your Account > Your Addresses from the dropdown menu. You can then edit or add a new shipping address.

3. Is there a limit on how many addresses I can store? 

Ans: Yes, but it may vary depending on where you live and whether you use an Amazon Prime membership. In some regions, there may be limits of up to seven addresses per customer, while those using Prime membership may have up to 39 addresses stored in their account.

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