Chime Corporate Headquarters, Office Locations & Address 2022


Chime Bank Corporate Office: In this modern world, all people go to the online culture. All the things to sell or buy are almost online-only, and this online available also home products, clothes, and food in the online application. Now banking process is open in the online application. In this article, we explained all the details about Chime Bank Corporate Office Address, Email id, Website, and Phone Number.

Chime Corporate  Address
Chime Corporate  Address

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About Chime Bank Corporate Office:

Chime bank is an American financial company. Chime is an online banking application. The Stride Bank or Bancorp Bank provides this mobile service. The Company was founded by Chris Britt and Ryan King in 2013. This Company is located in San Francisco, California. The chime bank allows the client to save money in their account, and with automatic savings, there are no charges to save money. Chime bank has no brick branches. 

Chime Corporate Headquarters
Chime Corporate Headquarters

Chime bank is no credit cards and no overdraft charges and offers there are zero charges for using ATM cards. In September 2019, Chime Bank's corporate office launched a new scheme, SpotMe, a zero-fee overdraft service. In January 2020, Chime bank announced its partnership with Dallas Mavericks.  

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Is Chime a Corporate Bank:

Chime Bank is a financial company. Chime does not offer a business account, and Chime bank specializes in spending and savings accounts.

How do I file a complaint with chime:

If you want to file a complaint with chime, contact this number at 844-244-6363 or email

Chime Bank Corporate Office Address:

Chime, Inc.
PO Box 417
San Francisco,
California 94104
Phone Number: (302) 385-5000
Fax Number: (415) 704-3273



If you want to save money with zero charges, Chime bank's corporate office is a good choice. You will get all the details mentioned above chime bank corporate office.


1. How do I contact the CEO of Chime bank? 

Ans: The CEO of the chime bank is Ryan King. Contact

This number is 844-244-6363, and the location of the chime bank company is San Francisco, California.

2. How much money can I have in my chime account?

Ans: you want to deposit to your chime account. You can make three daily deposits, and you can deposit with your chime account maximum deposit money of $1000 per day and $10,000 monthly.


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