Menards Corporate Office Headquarters And Contact Details


Menards Corporate Office: If you are searching for a Menards Corporate Office Details, don’t worry. In this Article, We explained where Menards Corporate Office is located, Menards Office Address, Menards Office Contact Number and Email and Customer Care Number.

Menards Corporate Office Headquarters
Menards Corporate Office Headquarters 

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About Menards:

Menards Company is the largest Private Company in the United States. This company was founded in the year 1960 by John Menard jr. It is a Home store appliances Company. The Menards office headquarters is in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United states. This company is located in 16 states. Nearly 350 stores are available. There are 12 distribution Centers also available to service the customers. This company sells home appliances in good quality products like garden items, lawn and heaters, Building materials, plumping suppliers, etc. The company owned a manufacturing site. 

Menards Corporate Office Headquarters
Menards Corporate Office Headquarters

Now, the company is ranked 43rd and published in “Forbes” magazine. Nearly 45,000 (2020) Employers work in Menards office. It has a total Annual profit of $ 10 billion. Here, we will see the Menards Corporate Office Address below.

Menards Corporate Office Address:

Address: 5101, Menard Dr, Eau Clair,Wisconsin, 54703, USA.
Phone Number: 715-876-5911
Fax Number: 715-876-2868
Menards Website:
Customer Service Number: 
In Illinois: (618) 993-0982
In Indiana: (574) 267-2221
In Lowa: (319) 390-8889

Menards Corporate Office location Contact Details:

How Do You Pick Up Special Orders At Menards:

You will be able to pick up the Order in the entire Menards store. Do you want to select the store and place the Order? Then you can sign in to make your orders on or particular Order. And now you go to the store and pick up the Order. You can scroll through the product list to buy and order yourself. Now you place your Order and checkout your Order in that store.

Do Menards Rebates Expire:

Menards Rebates will expire only at an excellent specific Time. Merchandise Credit Check (MCC) will come to you. If you want to purchase any other appliances in future that Time you can use these rebates. This offer is not valid for online purchases.

Can I Pay my Menards Bill By Phone:

Yes, you can pay your Menards bill on your phone. If you make an online payment, first, log in to your account in Menards online service and make your payment.


Finally, you will see all the Menards corporate office address details and contact numbers, and this detail will be helpful for your queries. You will see the points mentioned above if you have any more doubts about this Menards corporate office.


How to I Contact Menards Customer Service?

Ans: if you need immediate service from Menards, please get in touch with a  customer service number 1-800-871-2800.

Where Do I send my Menards Credit Card Payment?

Ans: Your Menards credit card payment sent to Capital One, Po Box 5226, Carol Stream, IL 60197-5226.

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