Eaton Corporate Office Headquarters Address (Dublin)


Are you searching for an international power management company in the united states? Then, Eaton Corporation is the best one. The headquarters of Eaton is located in Dublin, Ireland. Are you looking for a job in Eaton corporation in the united states? You are in the right place. Here I explained all the details about Eaton corporate office headquarters like Address, mail id, websites, and contact number.

About Eaton:

Eaton Corporation is a power management company. This company works on its customer area of safety and efficiency. The Eaton company was founded by Joseph O Eaton and his brother-in-law Henning O Taube and Viggo V Torbensen as the Torbensen gear and Axel co in 1911. In 1916 the Torbenseb axel company was incorporated, And after one year, it is the largest customer. The company bought the Republic Motor truck company. Again Eaton purchased the company from a republic, changing the name to Eaton Axel and spring company. 

Eaton Corporate Office Headquarters
Eaton Corporate Office Headquarters

The company started to expand through acquisitions and began to diversify its business. The Eaton company has classified Electrical products, systems, and services, lighting products, wiring products, Mobile equipment, pneumatic systems, and hydraulic for industries. Military use and Powertrain systems. Eaton is publicly traded on the New York stock exchange under the symbol of ETN.

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Eaton corporate office Headquarters Address:

Eaton is a power management company. The headquarters is located in Dublin, Ireland. Eighty-six thousand employees are working in Eaton corporate office. Are you need an exact Eaton corporate office address and other details? Here we listed given below.

Eaton Corporation Headquarters
Eaton Corporation Headquarters

Headquarters Address: Eaton Corporation, 2000 Apollo Dr, Cleveland, OH 44142-4102
Contact Number: (216) 416-2500
Fax Number: (216) 416-2600
Email: Email Eaton corporation
Founded: 1911
Founders: Joseph Oriel Eaton II, Viggo Torbensen
Area Served: Worldwide
Key People: Craig Arnold, Richard H Fearon, Uday Yadav, Ken Semelsberger
Number of employees: 86,000

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Eaton Corporation Headquarters Location:

Divisions of Eaton corporate office:

  • Electrical Sector
  • Industrial sector
  • Aerospace
  • Hydraulics
  • Filtration
  • Vehicle
  • Motability

Income of Eaton corporate office:     

  • The Revenue of income is: US $ 19.63 billion
  • The Net Income is: US $ 2.15 billion
  • The Assets are: US $ 34.03 billion
  • The Equity is: US $ 16.41 billion

Who bought Eaton Corporation?

Danfoss A/S bought the Eaton corporation. It is a power management company. The headquarters is located in Dublin, Ireland. Today's announcement is it has complete sales of its hydraulics business. It's a Danish industrial company.

How many employees does Eaton have?

The number of employees in Eaton company was 91.987 in 2020, an 8.92 % decline from 2019. In 2019 the number of employees was 101,000, a 2.02 % increase from 2018. In 2019 the number of employees was 99,000, a 3.13 increase from 2017.

How many manufacturing plants does Eaton have?

Totally with 5500 employees and eight manufacturing sites presently in 19 locations and its more than 20 years of proven capabilities. Eaton is in a unique position to play a country's growth.


Finally, you will get all the details about Eaton corporate office to headquarters. Are you need the exact Address of this company? Here I explained to you all the points mentioned above. I hope this information is helpful for you.


1. How many locations does Eaton have? 

Ans: The Eaton headquarters is located in Cleveland, Ohio. There are 23 locations in the united states. 

2. What does Eaton stand for?

Ans: Eaton stands for Etymology. In old English, Eaton from ea means river, and tun means homestead.

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