Petco Corporate Office Headquarters Address (California)


Are you a pet lover? If you want to buy foods and other products for your pets in the United States. Then you are in the right place. I refer you Petco pet shop. It is a fantastic pet retailer shop located in California, United States. Do you want to know Petco's address? Don't worry. Here you will get the exact address of Petco corporate office, contact number, website, and email etc.

About Petco:

Petco is an American pet retailer company. It sells Foods, Products and other services for Pets in United States. Petco was founded by Walter Evans and opened as a veterinary supplies business in 1965. It is called UPCO, which means United Pharmaceutical company. This company's first customers were ranchers and kennels. Petco changed its name of the company in the year 1979. In 1980 Walter Evans opened the first Petco store in California. Petco acquired the two pet supply chains, pet Department and WellPoint, in 1988. 

Petco Corporate Office Headquarters Address
Petco Corporate Office Headquarters Address

The Petco store triple the number stores from 30 to 130 stores. The company went public in 1994 and traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol PETC. Petco had 218 stores in 13 states. In 2002 Petco had 600 stores in 48 states. In 2006 private equity firms Texas pacific group and Leonard green and partners took the company private. Petco is 144 on the Forbes list of America's largest private companies. 22000 employers are working in this company. 

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Petco Corporate Office Headquarters Address:

Petco Headquarters Location
Petco Headquarters Location

Headquarters Address: 9125 Rehco Rd, San Diego, CA 92121
Contact Number: (858) 458-7845
Fax Number: (858) 677-3033
Email: Email Petco
Founder: Walter Evans
Founded: 1965
Number of locations: 1500
Area Served: United States, Mexico, Puerto, Rico
Key people: Ron Coughlin
Products: Pet supplies and live animals
Number of employers: 27000

Income of Petco Corporate office:

  • The total revenue is: US $ 4.920 billion (2021)
  • The Operating income is: US $194 million
  • The Net income is: US $ 26.483 million
  • The Total Assets are: US $ 1.912 billion
  • The Total Equity is: US $ 219.083 million

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Petco Corporate Office Headquarters Location:

How do I email to Petco?

  • Media -
  • Customers -
  • Partners and associates - Petco National Support Center
  • For Advertising - contact (212) 220-5000

How do I find my Petco Pauls number?

Suppose you signed a Petco Paul rewards online. First, log into your account and find your number on the dashboard. You have a card from the store. The number is also on the card. Suppose you don't have the number. You can provide to cashier with a phone number, which you can use to sign up for the account, and they can look it up.


Petco is located in the United States, Mexico, and Rico. Its corporate office is located in San Diego, California. Suppose you have any questions about Petco. You can contact their customer service at 1-(858)-453-7845. I hope the above information is beneficial for you to find Petco corporate office headquarters.


1. Who is the CEO of Petco?

Ans: The CEO of the Petco is Jim Myers

2. How do you cancel an order on Petco?   

Ans: If you want to cancel your order, the store suggests you make a call directly calling customer service number 877-738-6742. You can change your order at this number and place a new one. 

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