Subway Corporate Office Headquarters Address (Connecticut) & Phone Number


Subway is an American multinational fast food restaurant franchise in the United States. They offered a variety of fast foods like sandwiches, salads and pizza. Do you want to know how to find the Subway corporate office Address and contact details? Here you can find all the details. In this post, we explained all the detail about Subway's corporate office website, Email, Contact Number and Address.

About Subway:

Fred Deluca and Peter Buck founded Subway fast-food restaurants in 1965. The first subway restaurant was Pete's submarines, located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. When Deluca was 17 years old, he borrowed $1000 from his friend Peter buck to open a sandwich shop. In the year 1968, they began to use the name subway. They opened 16 stores in 1974 and wanted to expand the restaurant more quickly. In 1977 they introduced the 'Snak' sub. In 1982 there were 300 locations. They opened the first franchise outside of North America in Brahmin in 1984. 

Subway Corporate Office Headquarters
Subway Corporate Office Headquarters

In 1987, they were 1000 locations. The chain restaurant has also expanded in Mexican cities. The subway restaurant makes 5300 sandwiches every time. In 2015 the founder of subway company Fred Deluca passed away. There are 42,000 subway restaurants in 112 countries worldwide. Subway restaurant is the largest single-chain restaurant worldwide. Today 4,10,000 employees are working in subway restaurants.

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Subway Corporate Office Headquarters Address:

Subway Headquarters Location
Subway Headquarters Location

Headquarters Address: Subway Restaurant, Inc, 325 Bic Drive, Milford, Connecticut 06461, USA
Contact Number: (203) 877-4281
Fax Number: (203) 876-6682
Email: Email Subway
Founder: Fred Deluca, Peter Buck
Date Founded: 1965
Location: Bridgeport, Connecticut
Number of employees: 410000
Number of locations: 36,821
Area served: Worldwide (110+ countries)
Key people: John Chidsey
Products: Submarine sandwiches, Salads, Pizza
Revenue: US $16.1 billion (2021), US $ 10.2 billion (U.S)

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Subway Headquarters Location:

How can I buy Subway stock?

No, you can't buy stock on the subway because subway is a private company. This subway company was traded on any stock exchange. Every franchise is operated individually owned.

How do I cancel a subway order?

Suppose you want to cancel your order on the subway. Once your order is confirmed by subway applications or the subway website. It is impossible to cancel your order. Subway restaurant cannot cancel your order. You will be fully responsible for paying the total amount of your order to the subway restaurant.

Can Subway give refunds?

By the law, Subway restaurant will not provide a cash refund. You are unsatisfied with the products or services you received from the selected restaurant. You can directly contact the subway restaurants and fulfilling your order.


Subway is the largest restaurant in the United States. The headquarters of Subway is located in Milford, Connecticut. Subway restaurants are located in 36,821 locations. Do you have any queries about subway restaurants? Here you can easily find out all the details of Subway restaurants. I hope this information helps to clear your doubts.


1. What are the six new sandwiches at Subway?

Ans: The subway includes the six new sandwiches, that is 1. Cheesesteaks: The Philly, The Outlaw, The monsters, 2. Italians: Supreme Meat, Bella Mozza, the Boss, 3. Chicken: The Mexicalli, The great garlic, the champ

2. What do 1000 Subway points get you?

  • 100 Points: Free regular hot drink
  • 200 Points: Free side for your choice
  • 500 Points: Free 6-inch submarine sandwiches, Flatbread or salad
  • 1000 points: Free foot long

3. How to check subway points balance?

Ans: You can check the balance of an unregistered subway card at participating subway, or you can call subway care at 1-877-697-8222

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