Trans World Entertainment Corporate Office Headquarters Address


Trans World Entertainment is an American software and services company in the United States. It is a leading convenience store in the United States. The company's success on the ability to innovate and adapt to new technology and trends. Are you looking for the Trans World Entertainment Corporate Office Address, Contact details to visit their store directly? This article will be helpful to you. Here you will get the details of Trans World Entertainment's corporate office Address, Email, Website, and contact details.

About Trans World Entertainment:

Trans World Entertainment is an American-based company founded by Robert Higgins in 1972. He opened the first store in Record Town. Trans World entertainment's corporate office expanded in acquisitions, especially Camelot music, Warehouse Entertainment, and Falling chains strawberries. In 1986 This company went public. It was trading on NASDAQ under the symbol TWMC. 

Trans World Entertainment Corporate Office Headquarters
Trans World Entertainment Corporate Office Headquarters

Trans World entertainment company acquired Musicland group, owned by Sam Goody, Media Play, and Sun coast motion picture company. It operates the 330 F.Y.E., Saturday matinee, and Sun coast motion picture stores and is located in shopping malls. And the Trans world company also operates e-commerce sites such as,, and

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Trans World Entertainment Corporate Office Headquarters:

Trans World entertainment provides software services for e-commerce, and it operates an Amazon in the United States, Canada, Spain, France, Italy, German, Sweden, and India. The corporate office headquarters is located in Spokane, Washington, united states. 

Headquarters Address: 38 Corporate Circle, Albany, NY 12203
Contact Number: (518) 452-1242
Fax Number: (518) 452-7848
Email: Email Trans World Entertainment
Founder: Robert J.Higgins
Founded: 1972
Location: Spokane, Washington
Key People: Brock Kowalchuk 

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Trans World Entertainment Headquarters:

Trans World Entertainment Executives:

  • C.E.O: Robert J. Higgins
  • C.F.O: John Anderson
  • C.O.O: Stephen J. Murray

What happened to Trans World Entertainment?

In 2020, on September 3rd, Trans World entertainment company rebranded to Kaspien Holdings, and the remaining subsidiary also changed its name to Caspian. The two companies merged, and their focus was on e-commerce.

What was F.Y.E. previously called?

Trans World entertainment corporation is the nation's largest music specialty retailer. They announced their plans to rebrand the company's 730 mall-based stores under the single name 'F.Y.E.,' which means For your Entertainment, pronounced by the single letter F-Y-E.

Who bought F.Y.E.?

Sunrise Records bought the F.Y.E., and it ultimately acquired the trans-world entertainment all assets, including the F.Y.E. chain, which gives the Canadian-based chain and also owns H.M.V. about 400 outlets in North America. 


In this conclusion, you will get all the details about Trans world entertainment. This software services company is located in Spokane, Washington, United States. You need a mail id or contact details to contact the Transworld entertainment company. All the contact details are mentioned above. You can use that details.


1. Can you use H.M.V. gift cards online? 

Ans: Gift cards are only available in the purchase and spend in H.M.V. and fopp high street stores, and they cannot be ordered and used as payment on store

2. What are Sunrise Records worth?

Ans: The president of sunrise Doug Putman the deal is valued at the U.S. $ 10 million. Sunrise records have more than 200 locations and operate under the US brand name. 

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