Mattress Firm Corporate Office & Headquarters Address (Texas)


In this world, all the people are going to work. Some people are almost stressed, frustrated, and sleepless because of the risk of their jobs. So, they need a good mattress for a good sleep-in night. I referred a Mattress Firm corporate office. This is the best choice for good sleep. Are you need this bed in the mattress store? Here we explained all the detail about this Mattress Firm corporate office address, mail id, websites, and contact number.

What is Mattress?

Mattress Firm is an American company. Steve Fendrich founded the Mattress firm corporate office in 1986. It is a subsidiary-type company. The parent of the Company is Steinhoff international. The headquarters is located in Houston, Texas, United States. It operates over 2300 locations in the United States. More than 10,000 employees are working in this Firm Mattress. The corporate office went public in 2011. It is the biggest retail store in the United States. 

Mattress Firm Corporate Office Headquarters Address
Mattress Firm Corporate Office Headquarters Address

Mattress Firm sells mattresses and bedding at affordable prices. Its acquired companies are Mattress Xpress and Mattress giant. The revenue of income is $4.39 billion. The CEO of the Mattress firm is John Eck. The Company sells the bed under the brand name Sleepy's and Tulo. MFRM is the stock symbol of Mattress Corporate office. Sleepy's corporate office owns Mattress Firm and Steinhoff International. 

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Mattress Firm Corporate Office Headquarters Address:

Mattress Firm is the largest retail store in the United States. Its headquarters is in Houston, Texas. We listed the headquarters details below,

Headquarters Address: 10201 South Main Street, Houston, Texas 77023
Contact Number: (713) 923-1090
Fax Number: (713) 923-1096
Email: Email Mattress Firm
Founder: Steve Fendrich, Harry Roberts, and Paul Stork
Started On: 1986
Headquarters Location: Houston, Texas
Number of Employees: 10218
Number of locations: 2300
Industry: Retailer
Key People: John Eck, Steve Stagner
Services: Mattress retailer
Parent: Steinhoff international
Brands: Tulo, Sleepy's
Products: Mattresses, Bedding
Revenue: US $ 4.39 billion
Net Income: The Net income is US $ -54.4 billion

Mattress Firm Corporate Office Location:

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How Do You Talk to a Mattress Company Executive?

If you want to talk to a Mattress corporate office Executive to ask for a mattress bed or if you are facing any issues from customer services. So it would help if you had a solution for your issues, you should talk to the executive to clear your issues, some of the points are listed below,

  • By Phone: If you need to talk to Mattress Company Executive, dial (713) 923-1090 and ask your queries, and they will give you a solution for your issues. 
  • By Mail: You have a Gmail account, then you fill out a complaint form and send the Mattress corporate office.
  • By Website: You have a smartphone or laptop. Visit the official websites of Mattress corporate office 


Finally, you will get the Mattress Firm Corporate Office address and contact details here. I believe this information is helpful for your findings. If you need Mattress Firm Customer care services, you can clear your queries using the customer care number mentioned above.


1. Who is Mattress Firm's Corporate Office Owned by? 

Ans: Stein Hoff international corporate company is owned by Mattress Firm. It is the parent company of the mattress firm. More than 10,000 employees are working in this Company, and the net income is US $ 54.4 million. 

2. How Many Locations Does Mattress Firm have?

Ans: In 2022, more than 2300 locations operated in the United States. The headquarters is in Mattress Firm Holding Corp, 10201 South Main Street, Houston, Texas 77023. 

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