Ameris Bank Payoff Address, Overnight Payoff Address & Phone Number


Ameris Bank Payoff Address: Ameris Bank is one of the best financial service providers in the United States. Are you a customer of Ameris Bank and looking for how to pay Ameris Bank loan? Are you searching for the Ameris Bank loan payoff address & phone number details? You have come to the perfect place! This article will provide details like Ameris Bank payoff address, overnight payoff address, and phone number. With this information, you can make your loan payment rapidly.

About Ameris Bank:

Ameris Bank is a financial services lender providing banking and mortgage solutions in the United States. It was founded in 1971 and had 140 branches across Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, and Alabama. It offers deposit accounts, loan products, retirement savings programs, trust management services, cash management solutions, and residential mortgages. 

Ameris Bank Payoff Address, Overnight Payoff Address & Phone Number
Ameris Bank Payoff Address, Overnight Payoff Address & Phone Number

Ameris Bank also has a Preferred Rewards program with unique rewards. For on-location banking, there are branches and ATMs. Its online and mobile tools enable customers to access accounts 24/7. With technology, customers can stay connected to their finances and get personal attention from bankers. They will get detailed answers and solutions when needed.

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Ameris Bank Payoff Address:

Do you need to pay off your Ameris Bank loan? Do you want to contact the Loan Servicing Department to repay your loan? Don't worry. Here, you can find the Ameris Bank Payoff address and overnight payoff address details below,

Ameris Bank Payoff Address: (Regular Mail)

Ameris Bank
PO Box 105075
Atlanta, Georgia, GA 30348
United States

Ameris Bank Overnight Payoff Address:

Ameris Bank,
3490 Piedmont Rd NE
Atlanta, Georgia, GA 30305
United States

Ameris Bank Overnight Payoff Address:

If you want to send the Ameris Bank Payoff overnight, then you can use this address,

Ameris Bank,
3490 Piedmont Rd NE
Atlanta, Georgia, GA 30305
United States

For payments sent via USPS or other couriers not supporting overnight delivery, use this address:

Ameris Bank
C/O City Holding Company LLC
Attention: Loan Payoffs
P.O. Box 105903 Atlanta, GA 30368-5903

For loan payoffs and inquiries, the phone numbers are:

Commercial loan Customers: 1-800-423-6343
Consumer loan Customers: 1-800-673-0563

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Ameris Bank Payoff Phone Number:

Ameris Bank provides an automated system for loan payment inquiries. For assistance, you can call 1-800-589-7497 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm EST, Monday-Friday, or log in online to send a secure message. For Commercial loans, you can call the number 1-800-423-6343; for consumer loans, you can call 1-800-673-0563. You can also find Ameris Bank's payoff and overnight payoff addresses on their website. Log in to any Ameris Bank account, click My Accounts, select Loan Payments, and follow the directions. 

How to Contact Ameris Bank?

Ameris Bank has special customer service teams to help customers with their accounts and services. Here are the methods to contact Ameris Bank headquarters,

  • Phone: Make a call to the number (877) 673-7421 Monday to Friday, 8 am - 8 pm EST, or Saturday, 9 am - 1 pm EST.
  • Email: Send a mail to the address
  • Live Chat: Connect with a representative through the bank's website. Refer to the live chat hours for availability.
  • Payoff Address & Overnight Payoff Address: Use the Ameris bank payoff address & overnight payoff address mentioned above to pay off loan balances.


In Conclusion, you should know your loan payoff addresses & phone number. You can use the Ameris Bank payoff address, overnight payoff address, and phone number to pay off your Ameris bank loan. Knowing the mortgage or loan payment policies and procedures is also essential. For more queries, you can visit the Ameris bank headquarters or the official website of Ameris Bank.


1. What is the Ameris Bank payoff address?

Ans: Ameris Bank Payoff Address is PO Box 105075, Atlanta, Georgia, GA 30348

2. What is the overnight payoff address?

Ans: Ameris Bank, Overnight Payoff Address, is Ameris Bank, 3490 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta, Georgia, GA 30305, United States

3. What is the phone number to contact an Ameris Bank representative regarding a loan payoff?

Ans: You can call 800-640-2265 and chat with Ameris bank's friendly staff about payment processing and your loan balance.

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