How to Change Address on eBay (Shipping & Billing Address)


Change Address on eBay: eBay has become the best platform for buyers and sellers worldwide. Whether you're an online shopper or an entrepreneur looking to reach a wider audience, eBay offers a user-friendly interface that makes transactions a breeze. However, situations may arise where you must change your accounts shipping or billing address. In this guide, we'll discuss the step-by-step process to change your address on eBay.

Can I Change the Address on eBay?

Yes, you can. eBay understands that circumstances change, and you might need to modify your shipping or billing address. Whether you're relocating, sending a gift, or need to update your billing & shipping information, eBay provides options to ensure your transactions are accurate and hassle-free.

How to Change Shipping Address on eBay?

Changing your shipping address on eBay is a straightforward process. Follow these steps,

  • Login to Your Account: Visit eBay's website and log in to your account. It will give you access to your account settings.
How to Change Address on eBay
How to Change Address on eBay
  • Go to Account Settings: Click on your username at the top left corner of the page to access the drop-down menu. From there, select "Account Settings."
  • Edit Addresses: Under the "Address" section, you'll find options to edit your primary shipping address and any additional addresses you've added. Click on "Edit" next to the shipping address you want to change.
How to Change Shipping Address on eBay
How to Change Shipping Address on eBay
  • Make Changes: Update the necessary information, including the recipient's name, street address, city, state/province, postal code, and contact number.
  • Save Changes: Once you've made the necessary adjustments, don't forget to click "Save" to confirm your new shipping address.

How to Change Shipping Address on eBay after Purchase?

If you've already made a purchase on eBay but need to change the shipping address, follow these steps:

  • Contact the Seller: First, Contact the seller as soon as possible to explain the situation and provide the new shipping address. Effective communication can avoid any issues.
  • Seller's Response: The seller will have the final say in whether they can accommodate the change. If the item has yet to ship, they may be able to adjust the Address.
  • Consider Resolutions: If the seller cannot change the Address, consider solutions such as redirecting the package through the shipping carrier or requesting a refund if the situation can't be resolved.

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How to Change Billing Address on eBay?

Updating your billing address on eBay ensures that your payment information is accurate. Follow these steps:

  • Go to Account Settings: As mentioned earlier, log in to your eBay account and access the account settings.
  • Edit Payment Methods: In the "Payment Methods" section, you can edit your existing payment methods. Click on "Edit" next to the payment method you want to update.
  • Update Billing Address: Modify the billing address information, including the name on the card, card number, expiration date, security code, and billing address.
  • Save Changes: Confirm the new billing address by clicking "Save."

How to Change Shipping Method on eBay When Selling?

As a seller on eBay, you should update your shipping methods. Here's how,

  • Edit Your Listing: Locate the listing you want to modify and click on "Edit Listing."
  • Adjust Shipping Details: Navigate to the shipping section of the listing and modify the shipping methods, costs, and estimated delivery times as needed.
  • Save Changes: Once you've made the necessary adjustments, save your changes to update the shipping method for that listing.


eBay's user-friendly interface extends to address changes, ensuring that users can adapt to new circumstances without hassle. Whether you're updating shipping information or billing details, the eBay platform offers straightforward steps to guide you through the process. Remember that sellers have varying policies, so being proactive and flexible is important.


1. Can I change my Address on eBay after purchasing an item?

Ans: Yes, you can contact the seller to request a change in the shipping address. If the item has yet to ship, the seller may be able to accommodate the change.

2. Can I change my billing address on eBay without affecting ongoing transactions?

Ans: Yes, updating your billing address won't affect ongoing transactions. However, make sure to update it before making a new purchase.

3. How often can I change my Address on eBay?

Ans: You can change your address on eBay whenever your circumstances require it. However, keeping your information accurate and up to date is recommended.

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