Capital One Lienholder Address & Phone Number


Capital One Lienholder Address: Suppose you're a Capital One customer with an auto loan or looking to finance a vehicle through Capital One. In that case, it's essential to have access to the correct information regarding your Capital One Lienholder address and phone number. Understanding these details will help you make on-time payments. In this blog post, we will see all the necessary information you need to know about Capital One Lienholder address and phone number.

About Capital One:

Capital One Financial Corporation is a popular financial services in United States that offers a wide range of financial products and services like retail banking, credit cards, and savings, including auto loans. It is an American bank holding company headquartered in Capital One Tower, McLean, Virginia, United States. There are nearly 750 branches and 2,000 ATMs in the United States. 

Capital One is committed to helping its customers manage and achieve their financial goals. If you have an auto loan through Capital One, having the correct Lienholder information to make payments and communicate effectively with the company is crucial.

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Capital One Lienholder Address Details:

The Lienholder address is very important if you have a vehicle loan or want to pay the lease amount. Here, I mentioned the Capital One Lienholder address details below,

P.O Box 660068
​Sacramento, California, CA 95866
United States

If you need any additional information, it's recommended to visit the official Capital One website or contact customer service for more information. 

Capital One Payoff Address Details:

If you plan to pay off your Capital One auto loan, you'll need the correct payoff address to send your payment correctly. Here, i listed the full address details of Capital One Payment address,

Capital One Payoff Address:

P.O Box 60511
​City of Industry, California, CA 91716
United States

Capital One Overnight Payoff Address:

2525 Corporate Place
Second Floor, Suite 250
​Monterey Park, California, CA 91754
United States

Capital One Insurance ​Loss Payee Address:

P.O Box 390907
​Minneapolis, Minnesota, MN 55439
United States

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Capital One Payoff Phone Numbers:

Aside from the payoff address, knowing the correct phone number is vital for any inquiries or assistance with your auto loan. Capital One usually includes contact details for customer care on their website and in your account information. 

  • Payoff Number: 8009460332
  • Toll-free Number: 8002283001
  • Credit card inquiry: 8006955500
  • Auto Refinance inquiry: 8332928336

How to Pay a Loan on Capital One?

Capital One offers several convenient ways to make payments on your auto loan:

  • Online Payments: You can easily make secure online payments through the Capital One website by logging into your account.
  • Phone Payments: Customers can also make the loan payments by the calling the customer service number provided on your statement. Or use the number 8009460332.
  • Mail Payments: If you prefer to pay by check, you can use the provided address on your statement to mail your payment.
  • In-Person Payments: Some Capital One branches may accept in-person payments, so check with your local branch for availability.


In Conclusion, Knowing your Capital One Lienholder address and phone number is important for successfully managing your auto loan. I hope the above information is really useful for you to find Capital One Lienholder address details. Keep this information up-to-date and accessible to ensure a smooth repayment process.


1. Can I find my Lienholder address on my bank monthly statement?

Ans: Yes, Capital One typically provides this information on your monthly statement.

2. Shall I need to update my address on Capital one if i move or change?

Ans: If you change your address, updating your information with Capital One is essential to ensure you receive communications and statements. 

3. Can I make extra payments on my auto loan to pay it off faster?

Ans: Yes, you can make extra loan payments on your Capital One auto loan to pay it off faster.

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