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Kohl's Return Policy without Receipt: Are you dissatisfied with the product you purchased at Kohl’s? Do you want to return Kohl’s product without a receipt? Don't worry. In this blog post, we will see about Kohl's return policy, whether you can return Kohl’s products without a receipt, Kohl's return policy time frame, and refund policy details. Whether it's a clothing item that didn't fit quite right or a home decor piece that didn't match your style, Kohl's will make the return process as easy as possible. So, if you find yourself in need of returning an item without a receipt, keep reading to learn more about Kohl's return policy and how it can assist you.

What is Kohl's Return Policy?

Kohl's is a popular American retail department store chain. Founded in 1962, Kohl's has become a well-known and widely recognized brand in the United States. The company operates a large number of stores across the country, offering a diverse range of products, including clothing, footwear, accessories, home goods, and more. 

Kohl's Return Policy Without Receipt
Kohl's Return Policy Without Receipt

If you're wondering about Kohl's return policy, you'll be glad to know that it's straightforward and customer-friendly. Whether you made a purchase online or in-store, Kohl's offers hassle-free returns with or without a receipt. If you have the receipt, you can return the item within 180 days from the date of purchase. Kohl's will refund your original form of payment, whether it was cash, credit, or debit. If you paid with a Kohl's Charge Card, your refund will be credited to your account.

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Does Kohl's Accept Returns Without Receipt?

Kohl's accepts returns without a receipt. If you misplace or lose your receipt, don't worry! Kohl's understands that things happen, and they want to make the return process as easy as possible for you. When you make a return without a receipt, Kohl's will do their best to assist you in finding a solution. They'll attempt to locate your purchase within their system using other identifying information, such as the credit card used or the phone number associated with the purchase. That's why it's always a good idea to provide your phone number or email address at the time of purchase, as it can make the return process smoother.

What is the Time Frame for Kohl's Return Policy?

When returning an item to Kohl's without a receipt, it's important to be aware of the time frame in which you can make the return. Kohl's has a generous return policy that allows you to return most items within 180 days of purchase. It gives you plenty of time to decide if you're satisfied with your purchase or if you need to make a return. For example, premium electronics must be returned within 30 days of purchase, while select designer merchandise must be returned within 60 days. With a Kohl's Charge Card, you can return items up to 180 days from the date of purchase. Overall, Kohl's offers a flexible return policy that gives you ample time to make a return and ensures customer satisfaction.

Details of Kohl's Return Policy 2024:

Return Policy Aspect Details
General Return Period Up to 180 days
Electronics & Watches 30 days with receipt
Beauty Products 60 days, new or gently used
Without Receipt Store credit based on lowest price in last 13 weeks
After 180 Days Case-by-case basis, possibly store credit
Items Without Tags Returnable within 180 days
Shoes Returnable within 180 days, including slightly worn
Clearance Items Returnable within 180 days
Holiday Purchases Extended return period for specific items

How to Make a Return on Kohl's?

To initiate a return at Kohl's, follow the steps outlined below.

  • First, gather the item you wish to return along with any original packaging and accessories. It's important to have everything in its original condition for a smoother return process.
  • Next, locate your nearest Kohl's store. With over a thousand locations nationwide, there's bound to be one near you.
  • At the store, go to the customer service desk. Provide the representative with the item you want to return and explain the reason for the return. They'll guide you through the rest of the process.
  • It will make the return even easier if you have the receipt. However, if you don't have the receipt, don't worry. Kohl's has a flexible return policy and will usually offer store credit for the item's current selling price.
  • Lastly, follow any additional instructions given by the representative, such as signing a return form or providing identification. You've successfully made a return at Kohl's.

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Types of Returns Accepted by Kohl's:

You can return items to Kohl's without a receipt for a merchandise credit. However, it's important to note that not all types of returns are accepted by Kohl's. They've specific guidelines and policies in place to ensure a smooth and fair return process.

  • Online: If you have purchased an item from Kohl's website and need to return it, you can do so either by mail or in-store. Follow the instructions provided on Kohl's website or contact their customer service for assistance.
  • In-Store: If you have made a purchase at a Kohl's store and need to return it, you can do so at any Kohl's location. Keep in mind that without a receipt, you'll receive a merchandise credit instead of a refund.

Kohl’s Refund Policy - How to Get a Refund?

When returning an item without a receipt, follow these steps to obtain a refund at Kohl's:

  • Visit the Kohl’s Customer Service Desk 
  • Provide Details to the Associate
  • Accept Store Credit 
  • Follow the Return Procedure
  • Shop with Your Credit
  • Enjoy Your Refund

Remember to keep the return receipt and make note of any additional return policies specific to your purchase, such as time limitations or exclusions.

Kohl's Headquarters Location:

Does Kohl's Accept Return of Used Items?

Yes. Kohl's does accept returns of used items, but certain conditions need to be met.

  • Firstly, the item must be returned within the specified time frame, which is typically within 180 days of the purchase date.
  • Additionally, the item must be in a resalable condition, meaning it should be clean, undamaged, and have all the original tags and packaging.
  • If the item is a beauty product, it must be returned with at least 50% of the product remaining.
  • It's important to note that certain items, such as personalized or customized items, aren't eligible for return.
  • If you meet these requirements, you can return your used item to a Kohl's store or through mail.

What is Kohl's Exchange Policy?

If an exchange is desired, bring the item to Kohl’s store or contact customer service. Kohl's has a hassle-free exchange policy to ensure customer satisfaction. Here are two key points to help you understand Kohl's exchange process:

  • Flexible timeframe: Kohl's allows exchanges within a reasonable timeframe, even if you don't have the original receipt. It means you can exchange an item that didn't meet your expectations or doesn't fit properly.
  • Wide range of options: When you bring the item to Kohl’s store, you'll have the opportunity to select a different size and color or even exchange it for an entirely different product. If you prefer to contact customer service, they'll guide you through the exchange process and discuss available options.


1. Can I Return an Online Purchase to a Physical Kohl's Store?

Ans: Yes, you can return an online purchase to a physical Kohl's store.

2. Do I Need to Provide My ID When Making a Return Without a Receipt?

Ans: You don't need to provide your ID when returning without a receipt.

3. Can I Return a Gift That Was Purchased at Kohl's Without a Receipt?

Ans: Yes, you can return a gift purchased at Kohl's without a receipt. 

4. What Is Kohl's Policy on Returning Items That Were Purchased on Sale or With a Coupon?

Ans: If you bought something on sale or with a coupon, Kohl's policy allows you to return it within the specified time frame for a refund or exchange. 

5. Can I Return an Item That I Have Already Used or Worn?

Ans: Yes, you can return an item that you have already used or worn at Kohl's.


In conclusion, if you need to make a return at Kohl's without a receipt, you may still be able to do so. However, it's important to note that certain restrictions may apply. It's always recommended to have your receipt handy for a smoother return process. Remember to check the specific return policy for each item you wish to return, as different rules may apply.

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