Macy's Return Policy & Refund - How to Initiate Return on Macy's 2024?


Macy’s Return Policy: With the holiday shopping season winding down, many people are considering potential returns or exchanges. Department stores like Macy's typically see a return surge right after the holidays. If you received a gift from Macy's that you want to return or made a purchase there that didn't quite work out, you’ll want to be aware of Macy's return policy before heading to the store. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the key details you need to know if you need to make a return at Macy's. We’ll cover Macy’s return policy, the general timeline for returns, what items can and can’t be returned, whether you need a receipt, how refunds are issued, and more.

About Macy's:

Macy's was started in 1858 and has grown into one of the largest and most well-known department stores in the United States. It offers a wide variety of products to cater to your shopping needs. You'll find everything from clothing and accessories to home goods and furniture, making it a one-stop shop for all your retail desires.

About Macy's Store
About Macy's Store

Macy's is renowned for its commitment to quality and customer service. It's not just about selling you items; it's about providing a shopping experience that you'll remember and keep you coming back for more. They've even incorporated a robust online platform, allowing you to shop from home. But what sets Macy's apart is its return policy. It's designed to make your shopping experience as hassle-free as possible because they understand that sometimes, things don't work out. 

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What is Macy's Return Policy?

Macy's is committed to customer satisfaction, so they've made their return policy quite customer-friendly. If you're unhappy with your purchase, you can return most items to Macy's within 30 days. It's a generous window of time for you to decide whether you're satisfied with your item. But remember, the item must be in sellable condition, and you'll need to provide your original receipt or proof of purchase.

Macy's Return Policy Details
Macy's Return Policy Details

There are exceptions to this 30-day rule, though. For example, items like Apple products, furniture, and area rugs have a shorter return window, typically 14 to 30 days. Also, some items like beauty products and certain clothing and accessories brands can't be returned if they've been used or worn.


  • Macy’s Store returns are free.
  • Macy’s Star Reward members will receive free Return Shipping.
  • Macy’s Non-Star Reward members will be charged a $9.99 return shipping fee plus tax, where applicable, from your refund.

Time Frame for Macy's Returns:

Understanding the time frame for returns at Macy's is crucial to ensure you're not stuck with unwanted items. Macy's has a fairly lenient return policy, providing a 30-day window for most items. If you're not entirely thrilled with your purchase, you have about three months to decide. Here is the list of Macy’s products with return time frames,

  • Apple Products – iPhones must be returned within 14 days, all other Apple products get 30 return days.
  • Backstage Items – 30 days.
  • Beauty Box – Not eligible for a return or exchange.
  • Designer Brands – Burberry, Gucci, Longchamp, Louis Vuitton, and Tous only have a 14-day return window.
  • Dresses - 60-day return window.
  • Gourmet Food & Wine – Not returnable.
  • Jewelry – 30 days.
  • Optical – 30 days.
  • Personal Care – 60 days.
  • Small Electrics – 60 days.

Remember, all returns must be in original, sellable condition with the receipt. If you've lost the receipt but purchased it with a Macy's card, they can look it up. You may be out of luck if you've purchased with a different card or cash.

How to Return Macy's Products in-store and Online

Now that we've outlined the basics of Macy's return policy, it's essential to understand how to return the Macy’s product both in-store and online. Let’s see how to initiate Macy’s return,

In-Store Return: 

  • First, it's crucial to have your original receipt or packing slip. It will help speed up the return process. 
  • Bring your item, original packaging, and proof of purchase to any Macy's location. 
  • The friendly store associates will take Care of your return and process your refund or exchange.
  • After returning the item, watch your email for your return and refund confirmation.

Online Returns: 

  • For online returns, you'll start by visiting the Macy's website. 
  • Navigate to your account and locate the order you wish to return. 
  • Select the 'Return Items' link and follow the prompts to initiate the return process. 
  • You'll then need to print out a pre-paid return label to attach to your package. 
  • Once you've packed your item securely, drop it off at your nearest UPS or USPS location.
  • After returning the item, watch your email for your return and refund confirmation.

Macy's Headquarters Location:

Can I Return an Item to Macy's Without a Receipt?

Yes, you can return an item to Macy's without a receipt. However, the process and the refund method may differ from a standard return with a receipt. Here's how it works:

  • Proof of Purchase: If you don't have a receipt, Macy's may attempt to look up your purchase. They can often do this if you use a Macy's or other credit card or provide your member ID during the purchase.
  • Refund without Receipt: If the purchase cannot be verified, Macy's may still accept the return at the item's lowest selling price in the last 90 days. The refund will be issued as a Macy's "Happy Returns" gift card.
  • Condition and Acceptance: The item must still be in original, saleable condition with original tags. Accepting a return without a receipt is at Macy's discretion, and some exclusions or limitations may apply based on the item or the situation​.

Types of Products Eligible for Macy's Return

Let's delve into the types of products that are eligible for Macy’s return policy. You'll be delighted to know Macy's has a generous return policy covering many items. To ensure your understanding, we've listed some key product categories:

  • Clothing & Accessories: Macy's accepts returns on most clothing items and accessories, providing they're in their original state, with all tags attached.
  • Home Essentials: This includes bedding, cookware, and other home items.
  • Beauty Products: Macy's accepts returns for beauty items even if they've been lightly used. It allows you to try out a product and return it if it's not a match.
  • Jewelry & Watches: Macy's typically accepts returns as long as the item hasn't been worn and is in its original condition.

Macy's Refund Methods and Processing Time:

Once you've successfully initiated your return at Macy's, you'll want to know how and when to expect your refund. Macy's offers a variety of refund methods depending on how you originally paid for your purchase. 

  • If you paid with a credit or debit card, the refund will be credited to your original card. 
  • Used a gift card or Macy's Money? You'll receive an e-gift card via email. Cash or check purchases get a refund by mail in the form of a corporate check.
  • The processing time for your refund can vary. Typically, it takes about two business days for Macy's to process your return once they've received it. 
  • But remember, it might take your bank a few additional days to post the refund to your account. If you've returned a gift, the refund process could take up to ten days.

Macy's Exchanges and Store Credit

If you're unsatisfied with your purchase, Macy's makes it easy to exchange items or get store credit. The process is straightforward and customer-friendly, aiming to give you the best shopping experience possible. Here are the 4 key elements of Macy's exchanges and store credit:

  • Exchange Policy: Macy's allows exchanges for the same item in a different size or color. If the item you're looking for isn't available, you can choose a different item of equal value.
  • Store Credit: If a refund isn't an option, Macy's offers store credit. This credit never expires and can be used on any Macy's product.
  • Receipts: You'll need your receipt to facilitate an exchange or get store credit. If you've misplaced it, Macy's can look up the purchase if you use a Macy's or third-party credit card.


1. Can I Return a Macy's Item That Was Gifted to Me?

Ans: Yes, you can return a gift you've received. However, having the gift receipt or packing slip for the item is important. 

2. Does Macy's Provide Any Return Pick-Up Service?

Ans: No. You must return items to the store or ship them if you buy them online. 

3. What Happens if I Lose the Receipt of the Product I Want to Return to Macy's?

Ans: If you've lost your receipt, it can be tricky. They may refuse to return, offer store credit, or give you the lowest selling price without it.

4. Is There Any Restocking Fee for Returning Items to Macy's?

Ans: No, there's no restocking fee when you return items. 

5. Can I Return an Item Purchased From Macy's to a Different Macy's Store?

Ans: Yes, you can return an item purchased from one Macy's store to a different Macy's store. 


In Conclusion, Macy's return policy is quite accommodating, allowing you to easily return or exchange in-store and online easily-store and online items. Ensure your product is eligible, initiate the return, and wait for your refund. As a Macy's cardholder, you'll enjoy even more flexibility. Remember, if you're unsatisfied with your purchase, Macy's is ready to make it right.

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